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Trash everywhere, lets pick it up!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

While running an errand today, I took the back roads. Newberry has some of the prettiest landscapes in the state. I often find myself taking a longer route just to enjoy the view. Since starting my position in June, I've been more aware of the roadside conditions. My friends and family always get a chuckle when I point out the amount of trash on the side of the roads. Yes, job hazard, but I must ask why? Why is trash still being dumped on the road? Why are cigarette butts and cans tossed from a moving vehicle? Why can't people toss it at their destination, their home or when they run their vehicle thru the carwash?

It's not difficult to clean up after yourself. Fast food restaurants, gas stations, picnic areas all have trash bins readily available. Highways have rest areas with plenty of trash receptacles. The grocery store has cigarette bins and trash bins at the entrance/exit. Manufacturers put labels on these cans, boxes and bags stating PLEASE RECYLE. Cigarette butts are the #1 item thrown from a vehicle, followed by cans and bottles. These items are so small, but they make a big mess.

Participating in local litter pick up you'll find the oddest things that people throw out. Tires, chairs, household appliance and personal hygiene. So many cans, bottles, and cigarette butts. This eyesore is not healthy for us, our animal friends, or the environment.

The latest pick up in Whitmire, 12 wonderful citizens of Newberry County took 4 hours of their day to make a difference. 42 bags of trash, 3 bags of cans, 12 tires, 2 chairs and a rug. This came from 1 stretch of road, not even a mile long! A mile!

Another question, how can you get involved?

The Great American Cleanup is March 19, 2022, Keep Newberry County Beautiful will be handing out FREE tools, bags, vests, gloves, and water to participate in roadside litter pickup. It’s recommended to take a safety video prior to cleanup day and to work the buddy system.

If you have a group of friends, relatives, your church, community, neighbors, social groups etc. that would like to participate, please come see me at the Piedmont Technical College parking lot beginning 8am to get gear.

If you can’t participate on the 19th, but have another day with a few hours, 30 minutes, or any time, please call me to arrange time to get your supplies, these items are always FREE. I can be reached at (803) 593-3160 weekdays.

Unfortunately, this problem will continue to happen until everyone participates in efforts to control the litter. Someday, hopefully within my lifetime, I can take a drive down the backroad and enjoy the view without the litter.

Crista Lukoski

Keep Newberry County Beautiful


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