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Get your Children Involved in Conservation

Kids adapt to change rather quickly, so let’s start them early to identify ways to make small changes in their routine that will make big changes for the environment and will help you some money too. Lowering the electric bill (for example). Teach them to turn off the lights when they leave the room. How about that overhead fan. Turn it off. Do you remember your Mama shouting “Shut the front door- you’re not living in a barn”, lol. This is conservation. By saving on your Heat/AC we’re not wasting valuable resources.

Simple things like turning off the water while they brush their teeth or wash their face. Turn off a dripping tap. Take a shower instead of a bath and limit those showers to under 4 minutes.

Your children can also help you outside. By planting a few seeds, they can grow their own vegetables, fruit, and flowers. This also saves you money by having fresh ingredients at home and these plants helps our pollinators by providing habitat. This is an easy way for your kids to see the impact their actions can have on the world.

Point out simple choices like bringing your own bags to the grocery store or by throwing away trash at the park, playground and yard are reducing waste. Consider a compost bin. This is a great way to reduce waste in the landfill. Plus, the food scraps, pieces of paper and grass clippings are great nutrients for your garden.

By walking or riding their bike to school (if you live close enough) will help cut down on air pollution.

Even a simple step to give up plastic straws doesn’t seem like a big difference. But plastic straws work their way into our waterways which damage habitat, fish and wildlife. The amount of oil used to make plastic straws is reduced therefore saving the landfill.

By teaching children these steps earlier in life, they become more responsible citizens that think about our communities and our environment. As they learn about conservation, they gain a better appreciation for wildlife and other natural resources.

Earth Day, Saturday April 22 is just around the corner. We’re hosting a Movie Night at Piedmont Tech parking lot on Wilson Rd in Newberry. On the Big Screen we’re showing a PG family fun film - Yogi Bear- the movie. Yogi and his little sidekick Boo Boo help to save Jellystone Park. We will have concessions (Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Cold drinks, Popcorn and Candy) with proceeds to benefit the local girl scout troop 990. Bring your chairs and blankets, sit under the stars. Come early for the best seats. The show starts at 8pm. FREE ADMISSION -Celebrate with us.

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