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Newberry County Soil & Water Conservation District 

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Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District's governing board consist of five commissioners. Of the five, 3 members are elected in the general election in Newberry County, the other 2 are appointed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The District Coordinator is a full-time staff position to oversee daily operations. NSWCD also has Associate Commissioners and Commissioner Emeritus who serve on the Soil and Water Conservation board in an advisory role.

 Doug Heydt

The Chair of the Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District calls, convenes, oversees, and adjourns all meetings of the Board. Their role is to oversee the discussion of business at the Board's monthly meeting.

Ben Setzler

The Vice-Chairman of the Soil and Water Conservation District assists the Chair, performs the duties of the Chair in the absences of the Chair, and handles other duties as assigned to the position by the Board.

 Mark Kiser

The Secretary of the Board develops complete records of all district proceedings including dates, place and purpose of meetings. They also record all motions in full and inform the Chair of any business that should come before the Board.

Toni Warren

The Treasurer develops complete and accurate records of all income and expenditures and any periodic financial reports. They also assure the bills authorized for payment are paid on time and recorded in the minutes.

Rev. James Shealy

The Chaplain of the Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District leads all official and appropriate events off with prayer, teachings, or reflections. The Chaplain assists the Board in guidance and teachings when called upon.

Wayne Satterwhite
Commissioner Emeritus
Crista Lukoski
District Coordinator

The District Coordinator helps coordinate board activities, serve as an agent of the district to contact landowners, agencies and others regarding district business, and provides technical and educational assistance to the public and private landowners.

Daniel Nichols
Soil Sampling Contractor
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