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Newberry County Regional Winner

From Pomaria Garmany Elementary,  Cooper Branham was chosen as regional winner for the Palmetto Pride Poster Contest 2024.

With 16,897 participants across 87 schools and 31 counties just this school year, the art contest is more competitive than ever. PalmettoPride selects the regional winners (Lowcountry, Midlands, Pee Dee, and the Upstate) and one statewide winner. Each finalist’s school receives a framed copy of their student’s artwork along with a monetary donation. The statewide winner’s artwork will be featured on PalmettoPride’s 2025 volunteer t-shirts. 

To honor their outstanding artwork, Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette invites the finalists, along with their state representatives, families, and teachers. The 2024 Governor’s Art Contest finalists are as follows:

  • Evelyn Alto-Corneliz, 5th Grade at Cowpens Elementary School (Statewide)

  • Daisie Edens, 4th Grade at Mountain View Elementary School (Upstate)

  • Skye Magee, 5th Grade at Sheridan Elementary School (Lowcountry)

  • Camille Cockfield, 5th Grade at Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy (PeeDee)

  • Cooper Branham, 5th Grade at Pomaria-Garmany Elementary School (Midlands)

  • Aydin M. Soner, 5th Grade at Williams Home School (Midlands) 

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