Newberry Soil & Water Conservation District

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Oct 12, 2021, Start Time: 7:00p.m. Meeting Adjourned 8:17p.m., NSWCD Office Newberry, SC


Present: Doug Heydt, Chairman; Toni Warren, Treasurer; Rev. Shealy, Commissioner; Mark Kiser, Secretary; Crista Lukoski, District Coordinator; Scott Lukoski; KNCB Chairman

Apologies of Absence: Ben Setzler, Vice Chairman; Danielle Himsey, Associate Commissioner

t meeting:

Next Meeting Scheduled: Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021, 7:00 p.m. at Newberry at NSWCD office 

I.Agenda Items


Doug Heydt called the meeting to order and established quorum at 7:12 pm


Rev Shealey provided the invocation.


Minutes were approved.


Treasurers Report: given by Toni Warren, included bank balances as of 9/31/2021 Business Checking $40625.35, Bus. Money Market $14,760.78 KNCB $11.39, New CD $52,372.49, ISE CD $71,719.08

An updated Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement with recommendation after review from Accountant was presented.


Additional Agenda Items:


Chairman’s Report- there was none

The District Report: was presented by Crista Lukoski. District Staff Report is attached.


Old Business:

 Winners for Banquet awards were finalized. A discussion was had about grant funding, Crista needs the Linc pass to complete these, but mentioned that credentials are ready to pick up.  Crista is making an appointment to complete.

A discussion was had about adding associates to the board, and a recommendation was made to call local affiliates to invite them to future meetings.

A discussion was had about the banquet itinerary, Crista will email to the commissioners.

A recommendation was made to ask Brooke Myres to introduce the Speaker for the banquet.  Crista will ask.

A discussion was had about raffle prizes for the banquet, Mark will reach out to a couple of local businesses.


II.New Business

New Business: Appointment for Ben Setzler which expired on 3/31/2021, a motion was passed to continue his appointment.

Crista reviewed the Annual Report with the board, which is being sent to the printers for completion.

Crista shared the Oct-Dec quarterly newsletter which is being printed and mailed this week.

SCACD conference was discussed and Crista to reserve hotel rooms for all Commissioners.

NACD dues were approved for $100.

SCACD approved funds request of $12,500.00, which was reviewed & signed by Doug and Crista to submit on Wednesday.

Crista discussed applying for Champions of the Environment Grant for $2500.00

Crista discussed meeting with Matt DeWitt on Oct. 14, 2021 to set up Trash/Recycle trees for Halloween in City of Newberry.

Toni Warren resigned her appointment to the KNCB board due to limited availability.  There was a discussion on who will

Take over this position.  KNCB board meetings take place 1x per quarter. Time is 5:30pm – prior to NSWCD meeting.

A motion was tabled until next meeting to appoint Ben Setzler to this position.


Executive Session: Commissioners opted out.


Meeting adjourned at 8: pm


  • Motion to Accept Minutes – Mover: Mark Kiser; Seconder: Toni Warren – Motion Carried

  • Motion was made to announce the Winners for Banquet- Willie Piester award to Wayne Nichols, KNCB Volunteer award to New Hope Methodist, and NSWCD Business Affiliate to Emily Revolutionary Marketing; Mover: Toni Warren; Seconder; Mark Kiser- unanimous- Motion carried

  • Motion to reappoint Ben Setzler appointment for 4 years – Mover: Toni Warren, Seconder: Rev James Shealy- unanimous- Motion Carried

  • Motion was tabled until next meeting to appoint Ben Setzler to the KNCB board.  Mover: Mark Kiser, Seconder: Rev Shealy

  • Motion to Adjourn at 8:17pm– Mover: Mark Kiser, Seconder: Toni Warren, unanimous– Motion Carried