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Do you wonder what the NSWCD is?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Most folks don't know, but that's alright.

The Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District is a local governmental agency responsible to the citizens of the district in matters involving resource conservation. It promotes the wise and responsible use of natural resources. The district develops and implements programs to protect and conserve soil, water, farmland, wood land, wildlife, energy, and riparian and wetland resources.

The Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District promotes conservation practices through long-range planning, distributing information and education to the public, working with legislators to work for the best interest of the landowner, performing youth education through supplemental education and camps, work with the media and perform public relations to promote understanding of conservation practices and resources.

The Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District governing board consist of five commissioners. Of the five, three members are elected in the general election in Newberry County, with the other two being appointed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The district has a District Coordinator, a full-time staff position to oversee daily operations. NSWCD also has Associate Commissioners and Commissioner Emeritus who serve on the Soil and Water Conservation board in an advisory role.

The NSWCD has a number of events, such as:

- Camp Conservation is a week-long summer day-camp for children ages six to fourteen to get a hands-on education with conservation practices.

- NSWCD works to host a number of workshops and classes throughout the year to give residents within the district applicable techniques to implementing conservation practices.

- With the Collaborative Land Owner Assistance Program, the NSWCD is restoring Bobwhite Quail and grassland bird habitat on private lands in proximity to National Forest lands in cooperation with SCDNR.

We look forward to continuing our mission in the community and look forward to meeting you!

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